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mild harissa paste
mild harissa paste
tunisian harissa
tunisian brik
how to use harissa
harissa chicken
harissa pasta
harissa health benefits
mild harissa paste
mild harissa paste
tunisian harissa
tunisian brik
how to use harissa
harissa chicken
harissa pasta
harissa health benefits

Mild Traditional Harissa


Our traditional harissa paste is made by grinding rehydrated whole sun-dried chilis with fresh garlic and salt into a paste that is thereby mixed with a family blend of coriander, caraway, and extra virgin olive oil. The sun-drying process concentrates the juicy flavors of the chilis giving our traditional harissa a deep flavor and full-bodied texture that is incomparable to lower quality, industrial versions that use tomato products, fresh peppers, or re-hydrated chili powder as their base.

traditional tunisian harissa

The mild harissa’s base is made of very mild chilis, making it not spicy at all. It’s basically all the harissa flavor without any of the heat. If you love flavor but can’t handle any heat, this one’s for you!

Also known as ‘harissa arbi’ or ‘diari’ in modern Tunisian vernacular, traditional harissa is a staple found on the table and in everyday Tunisian cooking although it is often misrepresented and culturally watered down to a ‘Middle Eastern’ or ‘North African’ sauce in the United States. We challenge this cheap co-opting with a thick, aromatic, garlicky sun-dried chili paste bursting with flavor; just like our ancestors did it. 

The term ‘harissa’ comes from the Arabic word ‘harassa’, which means ‘to pound’ or ‘to crush’. Traditional harissa was originally produced by the descendents of the Andalusian Jews and Muslims persecuted from Christian Spain towards the end of the 16th century who fled to various areas throughout Northern Tunisia; from Tunis to Testour to Grombalia. The custom of preparing and using harissa subsequently evolved from the Tunisian Cape Bon region and spread in all directions from northern Tunisia all the way to Constantine (present day eastern Algeria) and Tripolitania (present day western Libya). The art of making and using traditional harissa is practiced by artisans of the Tunisian diaspora to this day, a testament to its integrality in Tunisian history, culture, and identity.

Net Weight: 6 oz

Water, Sun-Dried Chilis, Fresh Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Coriander, Sea Salt, Caraway

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"As I licked the remnants of the peppery condiment off my spoon, I started to worry. If this is homemade harissa, what have I been eating this whole time?"

“Authentic Tunisian harissa is impossible to find in the U.S. Two Houston brothers aim to change that”

“Brothers Mansour and Karim Arem created Zwïta harissa to do the Tunisian staple justice in the US.”

“Jump over to Tunisia with the Arem brothers who make fantastic traditional harissa at Zwïta”


Small Batch

Our traditional harissa is made in small batches and based on the ancestral family recipes we grew up with as little Tunisians. No watered down B.S.

No B.S. ingredients

Our traditional harissa is made from 100% whole natural ingredients and absolutely no B.S. ingredients.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our traditional harissa undergoes careful taste testing prior to being released. If there is anything wrong with your order, we will do everything to make it right. No questions asked. No B.S.



- Our Mild Harissa is not spicy at all. It's all the harissa flavor without the heat.

- Our Smoky Harissa is slightly spicy. It has a deep level of smokiness that makes it a fan favorite among those that can handle a little heat.

- Our Spicy Harissa is the classic version. Traditional harissa is typically hot so this one definitely packs a punch of heat. We like to think of it as having a balanced level of heat; it’s not meant to overwhelm your palate but it is definitely there and will linger a bit. If you love spiciness, it will keep you coming back for more.

All our products are free of all major allergens.

Yes, all our products are vegan.

Swipe to the end of our product images to find the full nutrition facts panel.

Our products do not require refrigeration until they are opened. Please refrigerate after opening.

All our products have a shelf life of 1 year. The “USE BY” date is located on top of the lid of each jar. We control every step of our small batch manufacturing process so you will always be provided with the freshest product.

Additionally, our harissa is a thick paste and a little goes a long way since it's packed with flavor.

We are in several retail locations across the United States. You can find them listed here. We are actively working on growing this list so if you have a store you want us to be in, email us at and we'll get working on it.

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