About Zwïta

According to our maternal grandmother Béchira, her mother Zwïta was a lone child from a well-respected family and grew up in an environment filled with love, affection, and care from her parents. She was beautiful, charismatic, and tough. And if not intimated by her presence, the men of her home village of El Jem competed to earn her hand in marriage.

Zwïta’s home was usually well stocked with ingredients harvested from the family’s farm. Produce was transported by men in horse carriages and then processed at home by skilled women. The processed ingredients would then be stored in the bit el mouna; a large home pantry for storing the year’s reserves: semolina flour, couscous, mhamess (coarse hand-rolled and sun-dried couscous), spices, sun-dried fruits and vegetables, harissa, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled olives, olive oil, and cured cuts of lamb and merguez. The dishes prepared in Zwïta's home came out in a beautiful medley of colors, aromas, textures, and flavors because she was passionate about her craft.

In fact, she had a certain diligence about her cooking that shifted into an obsession; she was anal about things deviating from the best and developed her own way of doing things. The fruits of her tireless attention to detail and hard work came to life when helpers, family, and extended family gathered around for stories and laughter over Zwïta's delicious food, always served in generous portions.

This is the Tunisian way of life we have known through our mother and extended family and we are extremely proud of it. So much so that we feel that Zwïta is the perfect embodiment of our philosophy of bringing the best Tunisian flavors through tradition and creativity.

In its most basic form, true-to-origins harissa is a paste produced from rehydrated whole dried chilis ground up with garlic and salt. The classic and most common harissa version calls for coriander and caraway which are often incorporated together with olive oil. It’s a traditional paste that dates back to 17th century Tunisia. It developed and thrived particularly within Tunisian Jewish communities in Nabeul and the greater Cap Bon region. As it spread through generational know-how, harissa became partly, if not fully, responsible for Tunisia’s shift towards a spicy cuisine. It is used as a condiment but also often incorporated into many dishes. Harissa is 100% Tunisian in origin and its importance in Tunisian cuisine could not be overemphasized. To read more about the true story of harissa, click here

Since we are just starting out, we are mainly focusing on the quality, flavor, and safety of our products, therefore at this moment we are sourcing all our ingredients from local suppliers and distributors in Texas.

We are currently producing all of our products in an FDA-registered facility in Houston, Texas.

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