About Us

Zwïta co-founders Mansour Arem and Karim Arem as babies

Mansour (left) and Karim (right) celebrating Mansour's 3rd birthday

We are two loving brothers and best friends. One’s a food & fermentation scientist who loves to eat and the other a data scientist obsessed with numbers. Born in Houston, we grew up in a Tunisian household that is proud and in touch with its roots. Having also spent a significant portion of our childhood in Tunisia, we are Tunisian Americans with a unique double perspective on how our culture is portrayed in the US through food.

Zwïta co-founder Karim Arem strolling through the city of El Jem

Karim strolling through the city of El Jem (Summer 2019)

We have always been aware of how dwarfed and diluted anything related to Tunisia is in the United States. We strongly believe food is a reflection of cultural representation anywhere you are; Zwïta is thus how we use our technical skills to fight this lack of real Tunisian representation.

At Zwïta, not only do we tell you real stories, we tell you our stories through typically Tunisian products that are bound to become timeless pantry staples for your everyday lives.

Zwïta co-founders, Mansour Arem and Karim Arem

Mansour and Karim, Summer 2019

Our long-term vision is to pave the way for Tunisian cuisine to be acknowledged, respected, and desired as an essential cuisine of the world.