About Us

Zwïta co-founders Mansour Arem and Karim Arem as babies

Mansour (left) and Karim (right) celebrating Mansour's 3rd birthday

We are two loving brothers and best friends. Mansour is a food scientist and apprentice brewer who loves to munch and Karim is a nerdy data scientist who loves to play tennis. We grew up in a Tunisian household that was always proud of its Sfaxian (from Sfax) and Lejmi (from El Jem) origins, even in Houston, TX. Having also spent a significant portion of our childhood in Tunisia, we are Americans with an unmovable Tunisian core.

Zwïta co-founder Karim Arem strolling through the city of El Jem

Karim strolling through the city of El Jem (Summer 2019)

Because we have become so fed up with how underrepresented and dwarfed Tunisian cuisine is in the United States, we feel a great responsibility in embracing and celebrating it through Zwïta, where anybody can experience true Tunisian flavors through delicious traditional food products that any Tunisian would embrace as theirs. Not only that, Zwïta is an outlet where we express our culinary creativity through fun, non-traditional products that still respect Tunisian tradition and origins.

Zwïta co-founders, Mansour Arem and Karim Arem

Mansour and Karim, Summer 2019

Our long-term vision is to pave the way for Tunisian cuisine to be acknowledged, respected, and desired as an essential cuisine of the world.