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What Ramadan means to us

What Ramadan means to us

We like to think of Ramadan in our home as a Tunisian style Thanksgiving on steroids. It’s all about appreciation, good food, and large gatherings of family and friends; but instead of lasting a single day, it lasts an entire month. Although we are not very religious, Ramadan has always been a special and fun time period for our family, especially our mother. 

Lamb couscous

She has always taken her cooking extra seriously during the months of Ramadan, making sure that everything is on point; from the crispy egg brik, to main dishes like lamb couscous or molokhiya, to the late night sweets like samssa or hazelnut filled deglet nour dates.

Tunisian Brik

Fasting, although not for everyone, helps one develop self control, patience, and a higher level of appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. It nudges one to eat less than they would due to a natural stomach shrinkage and hormonal shift from restricting their feeding time window. You know what else Ramadan makes you appreciate though? Water. You know, that precious life force we often take for granted. That first sip of water at the table after a long day of fasting is always pure ecstasy…If you know, you know


This heightened sense of appreciation extends beyond food and drink though. As a matter of fact the smallest of tasks, like buying fresh baguettes with grandpa from the local bakery or even setting the table, become something to savor, cherish, and remember for a long time. And that’s really what we think fasting is about: resisting the day’s temptations through self control thereby appreciating the simpler moments of life. Whether you look at it from a religious perspective or not, there is no denying that fasting can lead to a higher sense of well-being. 

Baguettes in Tunisia

We always feel good whenever it’s Ramadan and have the chance of spending it together. We are more together, more satisfied, more grateful, and it’s just always a fun time. Whether you celebrate Ramadan or not, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to you all for sticking with us until now. We still can’t believe the amount of growth we continue to be blessed with to this day and for that we thank you from the bottom of our heart. Romdhankom Mabrouk! 

Mansour & Kiki

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